Two wheeler Loan

A two wheeler loan enables you to buy a bike of your choice on low-interest rates with monthly EMIs without hurting your budget.

Our Two wheeler Loan gets you a motorcycle of your choice without having to worry about bearing the entire cost at once.

Below listed are some of the advantages from two wheeler loan:


Quick Approval of Loans:

- short duration. Once you fill in the eligibility criteria, you can easily avail the loan amount in your bank account with just a few clicks. Quick approval of two-wheeler loans ensures acquiring finance quite easily.


Reduced burden on the budget:

- Even if you can pay the whole amount from your pocket for buying a two-wheeler it is rather easy and comfortable to avail the loan and pay the instalments. Moreover it is easy to pay the monthly instalments rather putting a strain on your budget by spending Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000 all at once. You can also save a bit while enjoying your own vehicle without burdening your budget.


Additional Benefits:

- You don’t only get a two wheeler insurance loan but due to recent terms you can receive insurance cover or accidental cover along with your loan. Your additional costs will also be covered in your loan during your bike purchase like cost of accessories, registration charges or different seating option for your two-wheeler.


No compulsion of credit score:

- Unlike other loans, two-wheeler loan does not require customer’s credit score. You can easily apply and get approved their loan even without having one. Moreover, one can build a credit history after acquiring two-wheeler loan. This will help the borrowers for future credit or loan applications.

Two wheeler Loan - An Overview

In today’s fast moving world, nobody likes waiting in long queues for bus transport as it is very time-consuming while hiring a cab is merely not affordable. Though many cities have local trains or metros but the number of commuters travelling in them is massive. Even if the day-to-day commute in public transport is endured, weekends needs a little escape which requires our own private vehicle. With Cars being overpriced and affordable to few, two-wheelers or bikes as they are called come to our rescue.

Two-wheelers have patrons of all ages. Due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness, it’s very popular among all generations. Nonetheless buying a two wheeler even requires finance. Even a basic bike or scooty costs Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000. And for a normal middle class individual to shell out this much money at one time seems quite difficult. If you are inclined towards upcoming models and luxury brands, be prepared to pay a price that goes as high as a price of a car. Here comes the banks and financial institutions in the picture lending a hand to the common people to buy a two-wheeler of their choice with equated monthly instalments.

Documents Required for Two Wheeler Loan

One can effortlessly apply for two wheeler loan without any hassle if you fill in the eligibility criteria. Once you are eligible it is very important to know the documentation required to apply for the loan.

Below listed are the documents required:

  • - Identity proof
  • - Residence Proof
  • - Passport size photographs
  • - For salaried individual- salary slips, employment or offer letter, Form 16, bank statements
  • - For self-employed individuals- the proof of your business, IT returns of your business, bank statements of your business account

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