Company Annual Filing & Compliance

Companies registered in India must file their annual return (MGT-7 and AOC-4), income tax return, INC-22A and DIN eKYC for the Directors

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Corporate Compliance - An Overview

Corporate compliances are a set of rules and regulations for a company commanded by legislation and which are mandatory to follow. It is obligatory to abide by the rules and regulations dictated by the legislation and ignorance of these laws and rules can be very troublesome. Ignorance of these rules and laws is non-negotiable and in case of non- compliance the laws and policies are quite stern resulting in heavy penalties. Therefore it is compulsory for every organization to abide by these rules and regulations. Cliptax will guide you through the laws and rules and ensure the due diligence of legislation. After procuring complete information from your organization we can ensure and help you in conducting the affairs of the company as per the law. We will also ensure a timely correction and rectification of any lapses in the compliance of provisions of various statues.

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Closure/Changes in Business
A private limited company requires following various compliances like appointment of Auditor, regular filing of income tax return and GST returns, filing returns annually, and much more.
Employment Contracts
Recruitment of a new employee requires a lot of documentation. Employment contract is very crucial when hiring an employee. It is a written document between the employer and employee defining the rights and responsibilities between the two.
Legal Notices
Legal notice to a is a written document sent to someone whether it is a person, company or any other entity, to inform them that you are planning to take a legal action against them.
Conversion Documentation
Cliptax not only helps you with the conversion of your business but also will assist you in getting the proper documentations for it.

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