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Accounting Services - An Overview

Accounting includes maintaining financial records of your organization including sorting, interpreting, retrieving, and presenting data in form of reports and analysis. Accounting service for small business or online accounting service is the facility provided by your outsourced accounting partner for proficient, organized management of your accounts. These services offer end-to-end support for handling and managing all the accounting related activities.

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What is Accounting Services ?

Accounting services the process of keeping the financial records pertaining to the business by recording, summarizing, analysing and reporting all the business transactions. Accounting services is not only imperative to ensure statutory compliance but also to keep a sharp eye on the income and expenditure to make justified business decisions. Since being competitive is the key for a successful venture, it is better to outsource the tasks related to accounting services instead of exploiting your energy into something that can be better done by accountants using the reduced costs.

To run business swimmingly, the owners ought to realise the need for accounting firms for delivering end to end business solutions for everyday business accounting requirements. At Cliptax Accounting, we provide our clients with the freedom from day to day troubles to save you more time that needs to be invested in the business. As the businesses are undergoing multi-locations, it never hurts to hire online accountants to help your business deal better and grow well. And, amidst the Covid-19 scenario, online accountants are very much in demand to limit human contact and meanwhile not hurting business's back and we try to make the process hassle-free, flexible and efficient.

There are so many compliances like company registration, gst registration, ITR filling , GST return filling ,TDS return filling , ROC etc. whose due dates are spread over the different time of a particular month. Accounting firms take care of all these compliances and you can focus on your core business. We also provide services for lead management, Subscribers Management, expense reimbursement, people management and inventory management. Using AI based bank reconciliation and multiple MIS reports to give business insight is what we use for a better check. Data is always available with the owner using client portal and vendor portal even on their mobile phones. And, as they say, everyone knows his business well, here at Cliptax, we can assure the best accounting services. It's always better to outsource accounting services to the professional accounting firms instead of holding onto something that is not your forte. Personalized service as per the client requirements is what we aim at and the growth of the company and your satisfaction is what we strive for.

Benefits of Accounting Services

Save time and energy
Some entrepreneurs think that hiring an accounting services is not in their budget and they handle all their finances at their own. But if you think about how much tie and energy you will save if you have a helping hand, it will definitely outweigh the cost and then you can utilize your time in making some productive decision.

Measure Business Performance
Performance measurement is one of the most important process that every business should consider. Many businesses tend to fail because they fail to keep a track of their key objectives and how the business is performing against these objectives. By evaluating the performance of the business and accountant can help in measuring actual performance of the business and the areas that need special attention so that the company flourishes.

Ahead of trends and regulations
In this era of technological advancement, online accounting services has to keep up with the emerging technologies, new trends, and changes in rules and regulations, they are also aware of the key pressure points that a business faces at different stages of their life. Using expert analytics, forecasting and presentation skills, a competitive accountant will help you visualize major issues the business faces due to economic uncertainties, trend changes and new regulations that might be in the pipeline, these should be identified by them using regular health checks and through financial and economic evaluations of your business compared with industry benchmarks.

Filling Taxes
Accounting services is required for filling GST, TDS, advance tax and income tax. In case proper accounting is done, proper tax planning can be done which help to file tax of correct amount and reduce the litigation involves. This will enable business owners to take business decision wisely and do their cash management well. There is requirement in tax laws to maintain proper of accounts which can be subjected to inpsections. For fund raising, proper financials are required which requires accounting.

Eligibility For Accounting Services

  • - Any business house or individual can get its accounting done for taking better decision making
  • - Under company act, company is required to maintain book of accounts for 8 years
  • - Under GST act, every registered taxable person is required to maintain book of accounts for 6 years
  • - Under Income tax act, every registered taxable person is required to maintain book of accounts for 6 years

Process for Accounting Services

Detailed Discussion
This involves detailed discussion with our Cliptax expert to understand your business, frequency of accounting requirement, scope of accounting services, any backlog of accounting, accounting software selection. This step will help us to understand your requirement and set the processes accordingly.

Detailed Scoping and Quotation
After having the detailed discussion, our Cliptax expert will have brainstorm internally to design a proper process keeping in mind the your requirements. Cliptax expert will share the scope and quotation with you for approval. This will help to bridge any communication gap.

Information Gathering
Once scope and quotation is agreed; all information will be collected like bank statement, invoices in order start the accounting, set-up software Like tally, Zoho , GST login credentials. Cliptax expert will analyse the information and communicate with you expected day for next communication.

Discussion with clients
Cliptax expert will have discussion with you or your team on any transactions wherein more information/clarity is required. We need to work as team for finalising the accounts.

Finalising account
After incorporating the changes, final accounts will shared with client for his business decisions. You can view your accounts on mobile app making your accounting database in your pocket which you can anywhere.

Documents Required for Accounting Services

  • - Access to bank statements
  • - Last Available balance sheet and Income statement
  • - Access to GST Portal
  • - Access to all purchase, sales and expense invoices
  • - Back-up/access to accounting software
  • - Any other relevant information required to do accounting

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