About ClipTax

Cliptax helps organization and individuals create value they are looking for. Cliptax is an independent and integrated organization committed to delivering quality in all sorts of Taxation and compliance consultancy services. Our experienced and elite professionals provide you with exceptional, complete financial and legal solutions on matters related to Income tax, financial services, company law matters, foreign collaborations, import-export consultancy, GST and transfer pricing. We go an extra mile to serve our customers with their special requirements and ensure to be of use with our best.

WHY CLIPTAX ? - An Overview

  • ☑️ We value our relationship with our clients and satisfying their requirements is our top most priority.
  • ☑️ Cliptax analyses every aspect of your conundrums and provides proactive solutions with ingenuity in order to achieve high level of client service and satisfaction.
  • ☑️ Our competent experts and professionals are at your service with respect to any of your financial or taxation related problems.
  • ☑️ We provide you with our experts having first hand knowledge constantly assisting you at your demand with filing of your Income tax and GST returns.
Our vision is to help our clients create such high levels of value and set new standards of excellence leading both of us to the way of blooming success.
Our mission is to strive to be the best Financial and taxation advisors providing highest quality of services to our clients working hand-in-hand with them to achieve growth and prosperity. We aim to build a better working world with increased trust and confidence through our actions aspiring to deliver sheer excellence in what we do.
Vaishali Dhankani
Founder - Analah Capital / ClipTax

About Founder

Vaishali is the Founder of Analah Capital and CEO of TradeUnlisted and Cliptax, with over 18 years of expertise in the Banking and Finance Sector. At TradeUnlisted, she manages and advises over USD 500+ Million worth of investments, majorly focusing on identifying and advising Pre IPO, Venture Capital and Early Stage investments. Her recommendations have generated multi bagger investments for onshore and offshore investors. Her foresight and stock picking abilities has helped investors and institutions diversify their portfolios in turn generating high returns. Cliptax, another venture by her, is a tech based platform that provides taxation solutions and investment opportunities on the wealth management space.

Vaishali intends to develop Analah Capital as a global platform for Investments & Taxation solutions. Her eyes are ablaze with a vision to amplify the Analah Group globally Vaishali is a Chartered Accountant by profession, along with a Diploma in Systems Management (DNIIT). She has also held various senior positions in leading financial organizations such as ICICI Bank and National Payments Corporation of India (Set up by the Reserve Bank of India & Indian Banking Association).


What do people praise about Cliptax?

Naresh Sawant
Be it income tax, GST, or any other financial services, Cliptax is simply the best.
Ruchita Subedar
Thanks to the dedicated team of Cliptax, that now I do not have to worry about Accountancy, Bookkeeping, or payroll, etc.
Jack Melbourne
Cliptax is my one-stop solution for all the taxation services that I need for my business.
Christie Lawrence
I would highly recommend the company to anyone who is looking for any kind of taxation of financial services for their business.

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